ERD 2020 International Conference Proceedings Volume

Student Learning

Albulescu Ion, Manea Adriana Denisa, Stan Cristian
Article no: 1, Pages 1-9, Keywords: Efficient learning, motivation, quality of learning, change
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A Model to Promote Active Citizenship and Activist Pedagogy (ACAP) in High School Teaching

Keren Ketko Ayali, Bocoş Muşata
Article no: 2, Pages 10-22, Keywords: Active citizenship, activist pedagogy, activist teachers, teachers' training program, a practical model to promote ACAP
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The Impact Of Experiential Outdoor Activities On The Social Skills Of Preschoolers

Adela-Simina Câmpan, Mușata Bocoș
Article no: 3, Pages 23-28, Keywords: Outdoor education, peer social skills, preschoolers
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Development of Necessary Professional Competencies Among Students in a Kindergarten Teacher Training Program

Meytal Zaidel, Cristian Nicolae Stan

Article no: 4, Pages 29-43, Keywords: Sense of Coherence, professional development, second career, on-the-job training, KTE programs
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Bullying And Cyberbullying From The Perceptions Of Students In Cluj County

Lavinia Mirela Mureșan, Cristian Stan

Article no: 5, Pages 44-52, Keywords: Emotional bullying, physical bullying, cyberbullying, prevalence, aggression
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Modern Teaching Resources - A Necessity In Modern Times

Diana Mariana (Boeriu) Sfăt, Cristian Nicolae Stan

Article no: 6, Pages 53-58, Keywords: New technologies, online activity, pre-schoolers, SARS-CoV-2 virus contamination
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Motivational Persistence And Its Implications On Sport And School Success

Toderic Adriana, Cristian Nicolae Stan

Article no: 7, Pages 59-67, Keywords: Scholar success, sport success, motivation, motivational persistence
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The Romanian Materialism-Postmaterialism Ratio - Comparative Analysis

Grama Iuliu Sever, Chiș Vasile

Article no: 8, Pages 68-79, Keywords: Materialism, postmaterialism, intergenerational replacement
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An Intervention Program To Improve Writing Self-Efficacy In Second Language Among Immigrant-Adolescents

Orit Zipora Martinotti, Vasile Chiş

Article no: 9, Pages 80-88, Keywords: Self-efficacy, writing skill, immigrant-adolescents, second language teaching
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How The Connectivism Theory Is Expressed In The "Tiktok" Phenomenon?

Michal Hershkoviz Michaeli, Vasile Chis

Article no: 10, Pages 89-96, Keywords: Connectivism, dance education, non-formal independent learning, TikTok
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Primary And Pre-School Teachers' Views On Stem Based Approaches

Marinela Bărnuțiu-Sârca, Liliana Ciascai

Article no: 11, Pages 97-104, Keywords: STEM, STEAM, STREAM, integrated approach, primary school, survey
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Teachers’ Opinion About Deep Learning

Angela Pașca-Tușa, Liliana Ciascai

Article no: 12, Pages 105-112, Keywords: Deep learning, surface learning, teachers' opinions, survey
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Reflective Teaching And Metacognition In Romanian Teachers’ Practice. A Conceptual Delimitation

Lavinia Șuteu, Mădălina Cristea, Liliana Ciascai

Article no: 13, Pages 113-124, Keywords: Reflective thinking skills, metacognitive skills, pre-service and in-service teachers, inquiry
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Developing Geographical Thinking Through The Swot Analysis Of Human Settlements

Mariana-Doina Cîineanu, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Oana-Ramona Ilovan, Ioan Sebastian Jucu, Cristian Nicolae Boţan, Bogdan Nicolae Păcurar, Alexandra-Maria Colcer

Article no: 14, Pages 125-134, Keywords: Critical thinking, heuristic thinking, productive competence, geography university education, system, COVID-19
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Visual Representations Of A Regional Economic Subsystem. An Analysis

Cosmina Daniela Ursu, Hadrian-Vasile Conțiu, Andreea Conțiu, Ramona Ivan, Mădălina Glonţi, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Oana-Ramona Ilovan

Article no: 15, Pages 135-145, Keywords: Assessment grid, cartographic competences, GIS, geographical study, university education
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The Use Of Animation Film For Studying The Water Circuit In Nature

Sanda Vereș, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Ioana Magdaș

Article no: 16, Pages 146-158, Keywords: Interactive learning, educational platform, computer-assisted learning, primary education, natural science
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Efficient Didactic Strategies Used In Students’ Teaching Practice

Dana Amalia Jucan

Article no: 17, Pages 159-164, Keywords: Teaching practice, students, pedagogical knowledge efficient didactic strategies
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Formal Mentoring Versus Informal Mentoring In Education

Cornelia Stan

Article no: 18, Pages 165-174, Keywords: Mentoring program, professional development, formal mentoring, informal mentoring, professional satisfaction
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Student Opinions On The Online Teaching-Learning Process During The SARS-COV-2 Pandemic

Delia Muste

Article no: 19, Pages 175-181, Keywords: On-line, teaching, students, opinion, SARS-CoV-2
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School Portals: An Opportunity for Collaborative Blended Learning

Delia Muste, Ilan Bar Shalom, Salit Bar Shalom-M. Ed

Article no: 20, Pages 182-193, Keywords: School-portals, blended-learning, distant-learning, engagement, authentic assignment
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The Motivation Of Primary School Teachers Regarding Non-Formal Activities

Editha Margareta Coșarbă, Alina Felicia Roman

Article no: 21, Pages 194-201, Keywords: Motivation, non-formal activities, primary school teachers
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Creative Attitude Of Primary Teachers Related To Educational Activities

Editha Margareta Coșarbă, Alina Felicia Roman

Article no: 22, Pages 202-207, Keywords: Creativity, attitudes, primary teachers, educational activities
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Increasing Coordination and Agility Indices At 14-16 Years Old Junior Football Players With A System Technology

Rozsnay Radu Adrian, Grosu Vlad Teodor, Grosu Emilia Florina, Moisa-Turcu Antonel Adrian

Article no: 23, Pages 208-217, Keywords: Coordination, agility, football players, system technology
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Usıng Dance -Therapy Programs To Develop Attentıon In 13-14 Aged Old Student

Grosu Emilia Florina, Vari Hanna Imola, Grosu Vlad Teodor, Rozsnyai Radu Adrian, Moisa-Turcu Antonel Adrian

Article no: 24, Pages 218-227, Keywords: Distributive attention, focused attention, perception of attention
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Forming The Competences To Analyse And Interpret Photographs

Maria-Irina Antal, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Oana-Ramona Ilovan

Article no: 25, Pages 228-237, Keywords: University education, Geography, learning activity, task, landscape, assessment grid
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Using The Venn Diagram For Developing University Students’ Analytical Geographical Thinking

Mariana-Doina Cîineanu, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Oana-Ramona Ilovan, George Mihai Rus, Béla Kobulniczky, Cristina-Georgiana Voicu, Olga Chiș

Article no: 26, Pages 238-247, Keywords: Competence, Didactics of Geography, comparison criteria, higher education, graphical organizer, cognition
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Visual Imagery In Natural Sciences Activities

Florentina Drăghici, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Oana-Ramona Ilovan, Ioana Alexandra Ciupe, Dorin Opriş, Alina Toderaş

Article no: 27, Pages 248-258, Keywords: Oak forest, PowerPoint presentation, Zoom platform, online activity, preschool, COVID-19 pandemic
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The Educational Film In Studying The Rural Settlements Of Romania

Ana-Simona Ilie, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Oana-Ramona Ilovan, Sorin-Alin Kosinszki

Article no: 28, Pages 259-267, Keywords: Online education, audio-video resources, competences, primary grades, geography, COVID-19 pandemic
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Online Documentation For Emerging Subjects In Geographical Research: The Urban Bioregions

Oana-Ramona Ilovan, Maria Eliza Dulamă, Marian Marin, Bianca Sorina Răcăşan, Istvan Egresi, Kinga Xenia Havadi-Nagy, Paul Mutică

Article no: 29, Pages 268-281, Keywords: E-learning, web sources, university education, regional geography, development, COVID-19
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The Role Of Procedures In Kindergarten Management

Luciana Truța

Article no: 30, Pages 282-287, Keywords: Procedures, management functions, kindergarten, level of management
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Examining The Subjective Well-Being In A Students’ Sample: Characteristics And Structure

Beatrice Adriana Balgiu

Article no: 31, Pages 288-295, Keywords: Subjective well-being structure, positive affect, negative affect, life satisfaction, students
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Technologies, Learning And Cognitive Models

Giorgio Poletti

Article no: 32, Pages 296-313, Keywords: Learning, teaching, educational technologies, skills, cognitive models
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Plyometric Program Effect On Sprint And Jump Performance In Speed Skaters

Ștef Raluca Doina, Grosu Vlad Teodor

Article no: 33, Pages 314-323, Keywords: Squat jump, countermovement jump, power, sprint performance
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Digital Technology Dimensions From The Perspective Of Socio-Emotional Development At School Children

Anca Simion, Marius Bănuț

Article no: 34, Pages 324-333, Keywords: Well-being, self-awareness, social interaction, online games, primary school children
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Fieldwork For Students In Tourism Programmes: Is It More Tourism Than Learning?

Bianca Sorina Răcăşan, Istvan Egresi, Oana-Ramona Ilovan, Maria Eliza Dulamă

Article no: 35, Pages 334-344, Keywords: Field course, educational activities, leisure, professional development, research methods
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Student Satisfaction And Usefulness Of Language Classes In Non-Formal Education

Teodora Onutz

Article no: 36, Pages 345-359, Keywords: Adult education, language, non-formal, satisfaction, efficient teaching
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Coping With Holocaust Moral Dilemmas Through A Holocaust Learning Program

Shay Efrat

Article no: 37, Pages 360-369, Keywords: Moral dilemmas, moral attitudes, emotional experiences
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The Correlations Between Holocaust Moral Attitudes And Moral Lessons

Shay Efrat

Article no: 38, Pages 370-376, Keywords: Moral dilemmas, moral lessons, correlations
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The Evolution of Different Solutions to Holocaust Moral Dilemmas

Shay Efrat

Article no: 39, Pages 377-383, Keywords: Moral dilemmas, opinions, moral solutions
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Other Structures Of Rings Of Integers Numbers, Isomorphic Between Them

Teodor-Dumitru Vălcan

Article no: 40, Pages 384-402, Keywords: Mathematics, Didactics of Mathematics, integer number, commutative ring, isomorphism
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Rabbinic Authority Vs. Medical Biopolitics: Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Women Encounter The Medical Establishment

Adi Sharabi-Nov, Stefan Cojocaru

Article no: 41, Pages 403-414, Keywords: Menstrual cycle, doctor patient asymmetry, biopolitics, sexual education, ultra-orthodox women
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Risk Circuits In Israel's Youth At-Risk Education System

Florin Zikry, Ciprian Ceobanu

Article no: 42, Pages 415-425, Keywords: At-risk youth, technology education center, teacher challenges, pedagogical challenges, emotional issues
Doi: Read article 42

Challenged Motherhood: Mothers to Adult Daughters With Asperger Syndrome

Rachel Haller

Article no: 43, Pages 426-433, Keywords: Identity ambivalence, mothers to adult daughters with Asperger syndrome, self-concept, narrative
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Teaching The New Generation Of Nursing Students- Difficulty Or Challenge?

Doina Balahur, Odelia Chen

Article no: 44, Pages 434-442, Keywords: Generation Y, Generation Z, generation gap, nursing, teaching methods, new learners
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The Implementation Process of A Computerized Padagogical Management System In Arab and Jewish Schools in Israel

Marwa Maklada, Ciprian Ceobanu

Article no: 45, Pages 443-449, Keywords: Computerized pedagogical management system, implementation process
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Socio-Emotional Development of Schoolchildren From the Perspective of Intercultural Learning

Maria Claudia Cuc

Article no: 46, Pages 450-459, Keywords: Identity, self image, educable, intercultural learning, perceived self-efficacy
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Attitudes Towards Careers in Education of Pre-Service Teachers of Science and Humanities

Daniel Andronache, Daniela Dumulescu, Constantin-Valer Necula, Mirona Stănescu

Article no: 47, Pages 460-467, Keywords: Pre-service teachers’ perceptions, teaching attitude, career in education, teachers of science, teachers of humanities
Doi: Read article 47

When Psychodrama And Education Are Interwined In The Process Of Becoming A Teacher

Shiran Pines Cohen, Alina Felicia Roman, Ella Sarel-Mahlev

Article no: 48, Pages 468-480, Keywords: Pre-service teachers, professional identity, psychodrama, teacher training
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The Importance Of Art Therapy In Preschoolers Personal Development

Paula Ferenț, Emanuel-Sebastian Turda

Article no: 49, Pages 481-490, Keywords: Preschoolers, art therapy, educational intervention program, personal development
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Investigation Into Practices, Reasons, Attitudes of Engineering Students Towards Cheating in Exams

Lorena Peculea

Article no: 50, Pages 491-499, Keywords: Academic integrity, academic dishonesty, cheating, behaviours, reasons, attitudes
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The Representation Of The Sociolinguistic Competence In The Israeli English Language Textbooks

Hiba Hafiz Badarna

Article no: 51, Pages 500-506, Keywords: Sociolinguistic competence, EFL textbooks, oral activities, Israel
Doi: Read article 51

The Impact of Teacher’s Feedback in Increasing Student’s Self-Efficacy and Motivation

Emanuel Sebastian Turda, Paula Ferenț, Crișan Claudia

Article no: 52, Pages 507-519, Keywords: Learning process, self-efficacy, students motivation, teachers feedback
Doi: Read article 52

Quo Vadis Technical And Scientific Extra-Curricular Activities

Jenő Kerekes, Andrea Barabás

Article no: 53, Pages 520-536, Keywords: Extracurricular education, creativity, educational strategy, complementary education, technical-scientific activities, Children’s Palaces
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